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Bimble is the app for great, little places. Peer-to-peer place recommendations from around the world plus useful tools for individuals to collect and organise the places they’d like to remember.
Bimble is an iOS and Android app with a web platform at bimble.com. Think @spotify for great, little places.I joined the team as a Senior Product Designer responsible for user experience across iOS app.

The Challenge

I joined a product during the time when our goals were:

  • increase conversion to registrations,
  • increase amount of ppl who added 10+ places (we call them "Keepers")

One thing that was obvious that in order to increase registrations and engage people there was a need to redesign existing registration. Our second assumption was that onboarding would help us to achieve our goals. Onboarding is a very important stage in the customer journey, and the goal is to help users get their first impression, ease up registration process and create their first valuable content in the product to make them return to it the next time. To validate our assumption, we decided to do Competitor Analysis and Usability Testing of the existing registration flow.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of the competitors is one way of understanding solutions that are on the market. I've investigated sign up & onboarding flow of those companies, that our stakeholders and marketing team considers as a competitor. I've also made a research of those, who was not our direct competitor, but considered a leader on the market.

Usability Testing

I've also analysed issues from from usability testing that previous designers did. These helped us to formulate the list of ideas that we wanted to include into the onboarding flow. We prioritised the ideas according to user needs, stakeholders priorities and technical feasibility. After that, I've continued to work on prototypes and continued define-design-test loop.

Feature Promotion Onboarding

The onboarding flow is a user's first impression, and it's important to convey the idea of the product from the earliest stages. Therefore, we decided to show user our core features from the very beginning.

Sign Up Flow

Besides onboarding, it was important to redesign the sign-up flow as well. We added social sign up/in to help user register fast. During registration, we decided to represent progress bar to give users clear expectations on what'll be going on in each step. This helped users see the journey and move through it easily. For phone typing we used monospaced digits with a mask in the input to make entering the number more satisfying. During username/password creating, we give user hints to help him proceed.

Permissions flow

In order to make usage of our app convenient, it requires location permission. Also, the app requires notification and mailing list permissions. It is crucial to have these permissions for business, to ensure retention of the users through notifications and email marketing. While we was asking permissions in the app with the simple dialogs, there was high percentage of users who refused to give us permissions. That is why, we decided to ask for it during onboarding flow, in such way we explained user more about why do we need them.

How We Measured Results?

Listed above designs helped us  increase conversion to registration, improve retention and make activation of newly registered users.

To measured effectiveness of proposed solution we defined and tracked the following metrics:

  • Engagement with onboarding(swiping).
  • Increase avg. session duration
  • Increase conversion to registration.
  • Increase avg. session duration.
  • Increase conversions to permissions opt-in.
  • Increase conversion to ‘create’ user.
  • Increase avg. 2, 3, 4, … session duration.
  • Increase conversion to ‘social’ user(who follows other users)
  • Conversions to first place added,avg number of places added, retention, avg number of sessions.

As a result, onboarding and new registration flow helped Bimble to attract more users since its launch, and this number is growing everyday.