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Product & UX Design

Merezha - Online platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


MEREZHA is Online platform that connects Ukrainian Small and Middle Enterprise owners with business consultants, in order to improve their knowledge base and business skills while also assisting BSOs & experts in designing and proposing more relevant business services and propositions to SMEs.

I joined a team as a UX & Product Designer. My main task was to design the product from the ground up on Web.

User Research: Jobs to de Done interviews

In order to study our target audience and understand their main needs, we conducted interviews with entrepreneurs and business consultants. Merezha platform in the place where business owners will choose a consultant based on a 3 minutes video.

Therefore, the main issue that we were interested was how entrepreneurs make a decision to buy a consultation from the business consultant. Secondary, we was interested how consultants choose the client. We Jobs to de Done interviews to deep dive into the decision making journey of the users.

The list of Job Stories

Interactive Prototype in Axure RP to Test on Users

As the next step, our team wanted to validate our product before the implementation. Therefore, I created a clickable prototype in Axure to test it with target audience.

Link to the prototype: https://6518da.axshare.com

Working on Different sides of the platform: Small and Middle Owners

We started to work on the design of the platform for business owners first. As it was the piece of platform that planned to be tested and developed first. The main goal was to create intuitive and simple design to help Owners to find the perfect match - business consultant consultant.

Business Task Selector

Firstly, we started to work on the design of the search. The main goal of it is to help entrepreneurs to find the bossiness task to solve - so that it will help the, to find a perfect match with business consultants.

From here the business owner should select the business task that he wants to solve
This is how the business owner gets related business tasks to

Video Match with Business Consultant

After the owner has selected the business task, he can explore 3-minute videos of business consultants. He can select the owners that he likes the most with the help of the "Star" icon. The list of the experts will be saved in the list of the experts.

From there, the user is able to save the list on his personal dashboard.

The owner selects a consultants form the 3-minute videos

The cabined was designed to help the owner keep in touch with the selected experts. In addition to that, from the personal cabinet, a user can browse his feed, and go back to the selection of the new business task.

In that way, the user has the reason. to return back to the platform to spend time in the cabinet.

Expert's profile

From the personal cabinet, the user is able to visit the expert's profile, to see his expertise, rewatch the video, and to know more about the activity of the consultant.

Expert's profile

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

The expert is also able to schedule Zoom meeting with the business consultant to get more about the consultant.

The Conclusion

Currently, Merezha Platform is successfully growing. As more and more business owners are looking for the consultants. Most certainly, more and more business experts are looking for a client online.