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Docdirekt: iOS & Android Telemedicine App


Docdirekt is a telemedicine product created for patients, Doctors and Administrators. The product is created for the insured patients who live in Baden-Württemberg region. Also, it is for those doctors and Administrators, who live and work in Baden-Württemberg region and provide telemedicine consultations.

Link to the App

I joined the team as a second product designer responsible for user experience across iOS, Android and Web. The main goal was to create iOS and Android application from scratch.

Business Needs: Kick off at Stuttgart

As the customer already had an initial requirements for the app, our team gathered in office of the customer at Stuttgart to walk through user scenarios to transfer it into business needs and problems. The results are 6 different scenarios for 4 personas.

Scenarios of the Users

Further Research: User Interviews

After the kick off, I planned to go the next step - understand user needs and problems. When I started to work on the project, there was a previous app that users was using. Therefore, I conducted interviews with doctors, patients and administrators. I understood their previous experience, needs, wants and problems. Using Jobs-to-be done approach, the results of interviews was gathered into Job stories to communicate them to the team in a clear and concise way.

The interview with Doctor Noe

Doctor App

Doctor flow: Treatment Case Acceptance

Doctor flow: Treatment Case Acceptance

After I shared all the knowledge on the user insights with the team, I started to work on the design. First, I started to work on the App for the Doctors. There was a clear problem form the doctors - they was tired of a lot of push notifications from different apps. Therefore, we designed "Go offline" feature. In that way, users are able to go offline and block all the notifications from the app.

After the doctor goes online, he is able to:

- choose the treatment case of the patient,

- select time slot for the consultation,

- read detailed information about patient's complaints.

Doctor flow: Video call

After that, the selected treatment case will appear as  appointment in the upcoming appointment tab of the doctor. From that place, the user is able to check details, go to the chat and ask questions, if needed, and start the call.

Patient App

Add Health Documents to the App

From the patient side, it was important to design easy and intuitive logic to add information about insurance card. Without insurance card verification, it's not possible to use the app. Medical Administrator has to verify the patient and his card, and only after that, patient is able to use the app.

Video call to Administrator

When the verification process is finished, a patient is able to use the app. In order to book the appointment,

he should call to the Administrator and tell his complaints.

Administrator App

Administrator gets a call for the patient
Administrator searches patient in the list of the patients during the call
Administrator finds patient's details

The interface for the Administrator is created on Web, in this way he is able to fill in all necessary information about the patient fast. He is able to fill in all necessary details, while he on the video call with the patient.


I'm extremely proud of  what I have achieved  with the help of this project in such a short period of time - 3 months. I've learn a lot about German public health care sector, and glad that this product helps a lot of people to get treatment they need.